Were You Injured By A Drunk Or Drug-Impaired Driver?

Drivers who get behind the wheel while they are impaired by alcohol or drugs put everyone’s life at risk. Their blatant disregard for the safety and well-being of others leaves many dead and injured on our roads every year.

If you or someone you love was harmed by a drunk or drug-impaired driver, we can help you take action to hold that person accountable for the harm they caused.

Punitive Damages In Impaired Driving Cases

When people are hurt in accidents that are caused by impaired drivers, they are able to pursue compensation for all of the normally available damages such as medical bills and lost wages. There is an additional form of damages that is available when a drunk or drug-impaired driver hurts someone in an accident: punitive damages.

Punitive damages can help increase the total compensation you can secure and can provide an additional degree of financial security for you as you work through your recovery.

The Lawyer You Can Depend On When You Have Been Hurt By An Impaired Driver

At Randolph M. James, P.C., our firm has the personal injury experience and the skill at trial to be able to create accountability and secure the compensation you need to help you through the difficult times you are facing. Lawyer Randy James has four decades’ worth of experience, which includes having litigated hundreds of jury trials. He has built a reputation as an advocate who never gives up on his clients and getting the best possible outcome for them.

Randy James is also a private pilot who uses his pilot’s license to help him reach people in need all over North Carolina.

Drunk Driver Victim Attorneys Serving Winston-Salem, Forsyth County And Throughout North Carolina

For representation that understands what it takes to hold drunk and drug-impaired drivers responsible for the accidents and injuries they cause, turn to Randolph M. James, P.C. To speak with an attorney, call 800-266-4503 or contact us online.