Not All Discrimination Is The Same

In many cases, workers have to endure a discriminatory environment at work long before they realize what they are being subjected to is illegal. Hostile work environments can be so pervasive that people accept them as “that’s just the way it is” when, in reality, the treatment they are suffering under may be illegal.

When Is A Work Environment Hostile?

Not all illegal discrimination is defined by a single act; sometimes discrimination occurs more generally. Workers may be forced to live with ongoing jokes, insults and use of derogatory terms among other types of possible discriminatory behavior that create what is known as a hostile work environment.

No one should have to work in an environment that belittles, demeans or otherwise interferes with their ability to earn a living because of their:

  • Race
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Disability
  • Religion
  • National origin

What Should You Do If You Suspect That You Are Working In A Hostile Environment?

Keep records. Any emails, texts or recordings of co-workers or management using slurs or other offensive language can be key to proving that you were treated differently from other workers. In North Carolina, it is legal for a person to record a conversation without notifying the other party. Recordings of offensive language can be powerful evidence of discrimination.

The Lawyer You Can Depend On When You Work In A Hostile Environment

At Randolph M. James, P.C., we know how to build strong cases that can protect the rights of those who have been the victims of discrimination and harassment. From securing corroborating testimony to using recordings and written records, we understand what it takes to fight for our clients. Attorney Randy James began practicing law in 1981 and has spent the decades since dedicating himself to securing the best possible outcomes for those who were discriminated against or harassed in their jobs.

As a licensed pilot, Randy James is able to serve people all over North Carolina.

Hostile Environment Lawyers Serving Winston-Salem And Throughout North Carolina

You do not have to live with discrimination at your job. Turn to Randolph M. James, P.C., for the assertive and effective help you need. To speak with an attorney, call 800-266-4503 or contact us online.