Fighting For The Full Pay You Earned

One of the major issues that workers face is a wage and hour dispute, such as a dispute involving unpaid overtime. Employers have too much to gain from underpaying their employees to stop doing it. Wage and hour disputes can happen in a variety of ways, including:

  • Failure to pay overtime — Employers may force employees to work off the clock rather than allow them to accumulate overtime.
  • Employee misclassification — Employers may misclassify workers as independent contractors or as exempt from normal overtime rules to avoid paying them for all of the time they worked.
  • Failure to pay for pre- and post-shift work — Many jobs require work before and after a shift begins such as prep time and clean-up. Workers should be paid for this time. Often they are not.
  • Forcing employees to work through meals and breaks — Employers sometimes force employees to remain on-duty through meals and breaks. If you have any duties that you are responsible for during your meals or breaks, you should be paid for that time.

What Evidence Should I Gather If I Think I Am Not Being Paid Fairly?

If you think you are not being paid for all of your work, you need to begin gathering evidence that will clearly show that your employer requested you to work overtime without clocking the time, for example. Emails, texts, memos, pay stubs, work schedules, corroborative testimony from other employees and other evidence can all be helpful in proving that your employer was not paying you for all of the hours you worked.

The Lawyer You Can Depend On When You Have Not Been Paid What You Are Owed

At Randolph M. James, P.C., we understand how vital it is for workers that they are paid every dollar that they earn. Your wages should never be taken for granted. An unscrupulous employer can all too easily take advantage of the imbalance of power that exists between a business and its employees. We can help tip that balance in your favor.

Attorney Randy James brings to the table four decades of experience fighting for his clients. He has tried hundreds of jury trials, and he knows what it takes to build an effective case that can show how an employer took advantage of its employees.

Randy James has used his pilot’s license for decades to help him reach and serve the needs of people in every corner of North Carolina.

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