Defective Drugs And Medical Devices Attorneys

Pharmaceutical companies continue to take advantage of relaxed regulations in advertising. In doing so, they regularly introduce defective products into our nation’s economy. Apparently, they believe an acceptable cost of doing business includes hurting people.

At Randolph M. James, P.C., we take this growing source of harm seriously. We are particularly well-equipped to fight back against injurious pharmaceutical products, including defectively manufactured drugs.

Injured By A Defective Pharmaceutical Product?

Our firm’s attorney holds more than three decades of experience fighting tough battles against large companies, the insurance providers and their big-firm lawyers. Randy’s battle-tested legal judgment often enables our clients injured by defective pharmaceuticals to recover the compensation they need.

He helps clients understand their rights and their legal options in plain language. Clients also learn how to choose from those options intelligently and confidently.

Randy’s tenacious approach to these matters has earned him a reputation. Our clients come to us specifically because of this reputation. They know that a battle against a defective pharmaceutical product will involve them in a fight.

Because Randy holds a pilot’s license, we can offer legal services to clients throughout the state of North Carolina. This ability indicates our firm’s larger commitment to individually tailored legal representation for clients in legal disputes large and small.

Drug Recalls. Defective Drugs. Our Winston-Salem Lawyer Will Help You Fight Back.

Let us show you the rights you have and how to protect them to maximize your recovery. Call us today to speak with an attorney: 800-266-4503. We also invite you to contact us online. We maintain strict confidentiality with respect to all consults.