Assertive Representation For Whistleblowers

The law firm of Randolph M. James, P.C., understands that it takes courage to do the right thing when your employer violates state or federal law. Many times, it is only because of employees who had the nerve to speak up that positive change occurs and illegal practices stop. Although several laws have been passed to protect so-called “whistleblower” rights, disgruntled employers often disregard these legal protections and endeavor to threaten, discriminate, ostracize, out or otherwise discriminate against employees who report wrongdoing such as regulatory noncompliance, fraud, theft and even dangers to the public health and safety. If you suffer harassment at work or have even lost your job for reporting work site wrongdoing, you need an experienced Winston-Salem lawyer to go to court and aggressively protect your rights to recover back pay, benefits and possibly punitive damages.

North Carolina And Federal Laws Protecting Whistleblowers

Although the law prohibits employers from discriminating against employees who report their violations, many employees who have stood up and spoken out (even confidentially) have faced discrimination at work or even termination of employment. The law protects employees who lawfully expose employer wrongdoing. When the law fails to protect you after you speak up for the law, it is time to seek the help of an aggressive North Carolina whistleblower attorney to protect you.

For Public Employees

Both North Carolina and U.S. federal law protect the rights of employees who speak out and report unsafe working conditions and other violations at their places of employment. The North Carolina Whistleblower Protection Act and the Federal Whistleblower Protection Act offer legal protection to state employees who report fraud, abuse, waste, theft or other criminal activity. That means that you cannot be punished or harassed at work if you appropriately provide information about unlawful violations occurring at a state or government agency.

For Private Employees

Whistleblowing activities by workers for private employers are protected under various U.S. statutes. Under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, employees of publicly traded companies who report violations of securities laws or other shareholder fraud are protected from retaliation or discrimination from their employers. The False Claims Act prohibits retaliation against workers who disclose fraud against the federal government. The Energy Reorganization Act protects those who provide information or participate in investigations of nuclear safety laws. In North Carolina, any employees, both public and private, reporting violations of safety, health, or wage and hour laws are protected from employer retaliation under the North Carolina Retaliatory Employment Discrimination Act.

How We Can Protect You

Having led more than 150 jury trials and practiced law for four decades, Attorney Randy James is the right person to assert your rights in a whistleblower case. Our firm is dedicated to vindicating your reputation and enforcing the legal protections afforded to you by both the U.S. Congress and North Carolina Legislature.

For Vigorous Advocacy In Whistleblower Cases, Attorney Randy James Is Your Best Asset

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