Is Someone Abusing A Power Of Attorney To Enrich Themselves?

Powers of attorney can provide real benefits to people as part of their estate plan, or to help them delegate decision-making powers and responsibilities they may no longer be capable of handling. One of the key responsibilities that are often delegated relates to finances. As people enter their senior years, some find that keeping up on paying bills is a challenge they want help with, so they assign the right to make financial decisions to a loved one.

The potential to abuse a power of attorney is always present and needs to be guarded against. But, as most people do not have any ability to oversee what the person who has the power of attorney is doing, it can be hard to know if that person is being responsible with the power he or she has been given.

Are There Signs Your Loved One Is Being Taken Advantage Of?

There may be signs that the person is using your senior loved one’s funds for his or her own benefit. Maybe the power of attorney holder has purchased a new car or taken a vacation that seemed outside of his or her means. Maybe there are funds missing from your loved one’s accounts.

Is An Executor Abusing His Or Her Power?

Executors also can take advantage of the control they have regarding the estates they are overseeing. If you believe that an executor is using his or her position to gain personally rather than faithfully fulfilling his or her responsibilities to the estate and the heirs, we can help you.

The Lawyer You Can Depend On When Someone Is Taking Advantage Of A Power Of Attorney

At Randolph M. James, P.C., our firm has the skills and experience necessary to thoroughly investigate and pursue any possible abuses of a power of attorney. We can identify any breaches of fiduciary duty that may have harmed you, a senior loved one or other heirs. Lawyer Randy James offers his clients representation backed by four decades of experience that includes having litigated hundreds of jury trials. He has built a well-known reputation for serving as an aggressive advocate for his clients. Let him help you protect yourself and your senior loved one from being taken advantage of by an unscrupulous party with a power of attorney.

Randy James is a private pilot who uses his pilot’s license to help him serve people across the state.

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