Were You Wrongfully Terminated?

With four decades of experience protecting employees’ rights throughout North Carolina, the law firm of Randolph M. James, P.C., is committed to obtaining just compensation for you if you have been unlawfully fired from your job. We evaluate whether your termination was legal and help you enforce your rights. In certain cases, we can also get you rehired by your previous employer. As a leading resource in issues related to wrongful termination in North Carolina, our attorneys are poised to assist you.

Fundamentals Of North Carolina Termination Law

An employer is not allowed to terminate your employment without good cause or in contravention of a valid employment contract. It is also against state and federal law to fire employees because of:

If your employer let you go for any of these reasons, or if you suspect other foul play, seek advice from a qualified attorney for clarification of your rights under North Carolina employment laws. North Carolina gender discrimination laws permit you to obtain compensation in the event of illegal termination. Even when you have not been fired but are facing discrimination at work, North Carolina age discrimination protections ensure your right to work free of harassment and other discriminatory treatment.

Skilled And Innovative Legal Solutions For Wrongfully Terminated Employees

If you have been let go for the wrong reasons or believe that you have been fired for no reason reasonably related to your work, you need confident, competent legal assistance. The employment law attorneys at Randolph M. James, P.C., have a proven track record of safeguarding clients’ rights in North Carolina wrongful termination litigation.

Wrongly Terminated? Call A Skilled Litigator Today.

If you suspect that your employer unlawfully fired you, it is crucial to find out your rights. Don’t risk losing compensation to which you are entitled or needlessly forfeit the possibility of getting your job back. Call Randolph M. James, P.C., today at 336-794-6194 or contact us online for a consultation to discuss your termination issue. Our Oak Island and Winston-Salem offices both offer free parking.