Arbitration Can Save Time And Money In Construction Disputes

For subcontractors, developers and others who are facing a construction dispute, arbitration may be the most effective and efficient means of securing the resolution you need. Arbitration offers real benefits over litigation as a means of achieving your goals, including:

  • Saving money — Litigation can be very expensive. All of the time that goes into effectively preparing for trial, the investigations necessary to secure much-needed evidence and other issues all combine to make litigation expensive. Arbitration is a more lean approach to resolving a problem and can offer substantial savings over litigation.
  • Saving time — Trials run on the court’s time schedule, not yours. Depending on a court’s calendar, a litigated matter may not even have the first hearing for months. Arbitration relies on working out a time for you and the other party to come together. The only limitation to how fast the process can begin is your calendars.

We Know Your Business

Attorney Randy James studied architecture and began his professional career in the construction industry. His knowledge of the business and what he brings from his architectural background give him the ability to understand firsthand the issues that matter to you as well as the technical aspects of your dispute.

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At Randolph M. James, P.C., we use our knowledge of the construction industry and our decades of legal experience to fight for the best possible outcome for our clients. Our skill in arbitration helps us secure positive results while avoiding the cost and time of litigation. Lawyer Randy James has been serving the needs of his clients since 1981. He has built a strong record of success that has earned him a reputation as an assertive advocate for his clients who will not back down.

Randy James has been a private pilot for decades. Being a pilot allows him to readily serve clients across North Carolina.

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