Construction law disputes and the benefits of arbitration

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The construction industry is often fraught with different types of legal disputes. Contractors may face accusations of performing substandard work. Developers may face accusations of not paying contractors. Subcontractors may face accusations of not fulfilling their contract requirements.

These issues, as well as many others, harm all of the involved parties, especially if the construction law dispute leads to litigation. As such, it is safe to assume that in most cases, finding a resolution outside of the court is the best course of action.

We have served all kinds of plaintiffs in our North Carolina construction law practice from homeowners to developers to contractors. One thing we have observed is that litigation is not always an effective remedy. It is costly, time-consuming and may be unfair to one or more involved parties. In many cases, everyone leaves the proceedings feeling that they did not achieve the desired outcome.

Arbitration is an alternative that may satisfy everyone involved with the case. An attorney can explain the important details of arbitration, but the following list of benefits may help you understand how it works.

  • Arbitration typically costs much less than a litigated remedy
  • In most cases, involved parties feel arbitration is fair and balanced
  • Arbitration can protect the privacy of all parties
  • When compared with construction law litigation, arbitration is much more simplified
  • Arbitration usually takes less time than litigation does

If you feel the need to learn more about construction law and the advantages of arbitration, please reach out to our attorneys for guidance. You may also continue exploring our website and our blog for further insight.