What to look for when buying a newly built property

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Many advantages come with buying a newly built property in North Carolina. New construction, however, is not perfect and buyers should know what to look for when purchasing. Some common defects can cause a headache to new owners soon after they move in. Buyers can work with an inspector to look for these issues. But it’s also important to be aware of these common defects so they can be spotted during the initial walk-through of the home, saving time and allowing the buyer to move on to a better option. 

Look for these defects 

A shiny new build may look perfect initially, but when one looks closer, one may find some problematic defects. Some common construction defects like issues with the foundation or other structural problems can be expensive to repair. Cracks in the foundation, walls that aren’t perfectly straight, damaged framing materials, and an uneven floor can all indicate a problem with the foundation or structure of the home.  

Visiting a home after a heavy rain can indicate whether there may be drainage problems. Serious drainage issues can lead to flooding and damage to the home over time. Windows and doors should be free of air leakage and should open and close easily without obstruction. If windows are fogged, there could be problems with the sealing, which means improper insulation. These issues may seem minor at first but can be troublesome when one moves into a new home. 

Legal advice 

Not all construction defects are visible initially. Some problems may get worse over time, leading to expensive repairs for new homeowners. Those who’ve purchased a new build in North Carolina only to later realize that it has defects have the right to seek compensation for their damages from the responsible party.