Mediation is a useful tool in resolving business disputes

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Contracts and negotiations are an important part of doing business in North Carolina. But even the most thorough contract doesn’t always prevent a dispute. Disputes in business may happen when one party misunderstands the terms of the contract. Some disputes involve not being timely in delivering one’s end of the bargain or not delivering what was described in the contract. No matter the type of dispute, solving the issues quickly can save both sides time and money.  

Benefits of mediation 

Using mediation to solve a dispute provides both sides with an opportunity to present their case. Mediation is a more relaxed environment when compared to litigation, but it’s still a viable option if one wants to resolve an issue without a court battle. Mediation involves a neutral third party who mediates between the parties involved in the dispute. The mediator does not provide advice or guidance to either side. 

Not all business disputes can be resolved through mediation. It can work when both parties agree on the general terms of the contract but disagree on the details or minor issues. When the situation is heated and there are no common grounds between the parties involved, litigation may be necessary to resolve the dispute.  

Conflict resolution 

Disputes are common in the business world, but they’re not always easy to resolve. North Carolina business owners who are facing a dispute with a customer, client, or contractor can benefit from seeking legal advice to help get the issue resolved. An attorney with experience in business litigation can provide insight into how best to resolve the issue promptly, so the contract can be carried out as intended.