Harassment in the workplace can affect everyone

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When an employee is on the clock, he or she has the right to do his or her job in an environment that is free from harassment or different types of mistreatment. Unfortunately, some employees do experience harassment, which can have a significant effect on mental health and one’s ability to do his or her job. One important way to prevent harassment is to provide effective training for all North Carolina employees 

The benefit of education 

By providing effective training for all employees on the issue of sexual harassment, it can increase awareness of this serious issue. In turn, employees will have a better understanding of what counts as harassment, how to report it if it happens and how to protect the rights of everyone. This type of training should be required of everyone, even remote or out-of-state employees.   

Training on harassment prevention can help provide all workers with a safe and inclusive environment. Training establishes consistent expectations around behaviors in the workplace. It also reduces the chance of misconduct in the workplace and gives employees an understanding of what to do if they are victims of harassment.  

Empowering victims to speak out 

A North Carolina employee who experiences harassment of any kind in the workplace does not have to remain silent. He or she can seek legal guidance regarding the options available to him or her, which may include a civil claim against the responsible parties. A victim may find it beneficial to seek the insight of an experienced attorney as soon as possible after an incident.