Could you face retaliation after reporting harassment?

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It can be disheartening and overwhelming to experience any type of mistreatment at your place of work. Whether it is harassment, discrimination or another type of illegal behavior that you encounter, you do not have to remain silent. You have the right to report harassment and to seek justice, but this can be an intimidating step to take. North Carolina employees who want to report harassment may feel as if they could expose themselves to the risk of retaliation from their employer.

You have protection from retaliation, provided to you through both state and federal laws. It is beneficial for you to know your rights and to understand what counts as harassment so that you can be prepared to move forward if this happens to you. You should not have to suffer additional emotional harm and mental duress after experiencing harassment in the workplace.

What counts as retaliation?

An employer will likely not be pleased that you reported harassment in your workplace. Even if he or she is not the perpetrator, these reports can lead to complex legal issues, the possibility of a civil claim and other complications. Employers may act against the reporting party, which is illegal. You should not face any consequences or other types of mistreatment for exerting your rights. Employers cannot act against you in the following ways as retaliation for reporting harassment:

  • Moving you to a less-desirable position in the company
  • Terminating you or eliminating your position
  • Decreasing your pay or benefits
  • Subjecting you to verbal abuse or additional harassment
  • Excluding you from work functions and promotion opportunities
  • Threatening to report you to authorities or release personal information
  • Spreading false rumors about you
  • Making it more difficult for you to do your job

These are all examples of retaliatory acts that you may face after you report harassment in your workplace. You do not have to suffer in silence.

Protecting your rights

It is in your interests to seek help when navigating claims for harassment in the workplace. If you believe that you are experiencing retaliation after reporting harassment, you may benefit from learning about the legal options you have. You can hold your employer accountable for these actions, as well as seek appropriate recovery for your mental and emotional duress.