Moving forward after experiencing sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2024 | employment law |

It can be devastating for an employee to experience different types of mistreatment in the workplace. Harassment, specifically that of a sexual nature, can have a significant emotional toll, and it can be difficult to move forward after this type of event. It often takes a significant amount of work to heal, but there are steps that one can take that will allow him or her to seek justice, hold responsible parties accountable and put the pieces back together. 

Intentional work for healing  

Those who experience sexual harassment in their North Carolina workplace often experience feelings that can include shame, guilt, anxiety and even self-blame. It can be difficult for victims to work in the same environment where they experienced the harassment, and they could find that they deal with mental duress and emotional trauma. One thing that can help many is to seek justice by pursuing legal recourse against those who perpetrated or allowed the harassment to take place. 

Victims may also benefit from speaking with someone about what they experienced. Accepting this can be hard, and it may be helpful to work with a professional for mental and emotional support. Seeking closure and moving forward is not always easy, but no one has to walk through the aftermath alone. 

Legal recourse is possible 

It is possible to seek legal recourse after experiencing sexual harassment in a North Carolina workplace. It will be helpful to work with a legal professional during this process, seeking this help as soon as possible after an incident. Harassment cases are time-sensitive, and quick action is important for the success of a case.