Do employees with diabetes face more discrimination?

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2024 | employment law |

When employees go to work, they have the right to be able to do their jobs without fear of repercussions over factors related to their gender, age and even their medical needs. North Carolina employers should not allow for the development of a hostile work environment or the mistreatment of employees due to things they cannot control, such as having diabetes. Unfortunately, many employees do find that they experience discrimination over this type of medical condition. 

Recognizing discrimination in the workplace 

Discrimination can come in many different forms, and those who are facing this type of treatment because of their diabetes may be unsure if what they are experiencing counts as discriminatory. Individuals with this type of medical issue may benefit from an understanding of their rights. Some laws protect these workers, ensuring that they can address their needs while on the clock. 

For example, it is discrimination for an employer to prevent a worker from drinking water or eating for blood sugar management. Employers should provide reasonable accommodations for those who have certain types of medical problems, as well as those with disabilities. Experiencing discrimination because of diabetes could be a valid reason for an employee to pursue legal action against his or her employer. 

Pursuing justice 

It can be difficult for someone to know if he or she is experiencing discrimination in a North Carolina workplace. These are sensitive matters, and it is often best to have the support and guidance of an experienced attorney. An assessment of one’s needs will provide insight regarding the most appropriate steps he or she can take.