Health care workers are more likely to experience harassment

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Regardless of the type of job a person has, he or she has the right to expect fair treatment at work and the ability to do his or her job in an environment that is safe and respectful. Unfortunately, many North Carolina employees do not have this, and some experience blatant mistreatment and harassment of different kinds. Statistics indicate that health care workers are increasingly more likely to experience harassment in the workplace.

Who is the culprit?

Health workers often deal directly with patients and their family members. Not only could they be exposed to contagious medical conditions, but they may also experience mistreatment from family members or even the patients themselves. This is a dangerous and unfortunate reality as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that twice as many health workers reported harassment in 2022 than in previous surveys.

Individuals employed in the health care industry who report harassment also report experiencing mental health concerns as a result of what they experienced. Patients can react aggressively or they can become verbally abusive. Any type of harassment can take a significant toll on those who experience it.

After experiencing harassment in the workplace

After experiencing harassment, a North Carolina employee does not have to remain silent. He or she has the right to seek guidance and support from an attorney, as well as the right to pursue recovery. In some cases, it may be appropriate for a victim to seek compensation through a civil claim. It is beneficial to seek insight on specific legal options as soon as possible after an incident.