Remote work may reduce the chance of workplace sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2023 | employment law |

Each employee has the right to work in an environment that is free from discriminatory and inappropriate behaviors. Sexual harassment is a pervasive issue in some North Carolina workplaces, leaving victims suffering from emotional duress and mental strain. Many of these individuals do not speak out due to fears of losing their jobs or other repercussions. Studies find that those who work remotely for at least part of the time are much less likely to experience sexual harassment.

A higher chance of a negative event

Studies find that in-person employees are twice as likely to experience workplace sexual harassment. Remote work lessens the chance of opportunities to talk in person, and it requires all parties to schedule times to speak with each other. Only around 5% of women who work remotely report that they experience harassment in the workplace.

Remote work decreases opportunities for aggressors to attempt to assert dominance and engage in negative behaviors. The power dynamics change significantly when some or all employees are working at home. Remote work also lessens the chance that someone will be targeted for any type of harassing or discriminatory treatment based on their appearance.

Seeking justice after sexual harassment

North Carolina employees do not have to remain silent if they experience sexual harassment in their workplaces. They have the right to seek justice and pursue a beneficial outcome, starting by taking the necessary legal steps. As each case is different, it will be helpful to speak with an experienced attorney to better understand the legal options available to the victim.