Walmart sued over sexual harassment allegations

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2023 | employment law |

When employees go to work, they have the right to expect to be able to do their jobs in an environment that is respectful and conducive to their required roles. While unfortunate, it is sadly a common occurrence in some North Carolina workplaces to experience sexual harassment and other types of mistreatment. Recently, the retail giant Walmart was sued over sexual harassment after attempts to reach a settlement with the accusers were not successful. 

Retaliation for reporting harassment 

A victim of sexual harassment has the right to report this type of event to human resources, the authorities and other parties. Employees should be able to do this without fear of suffering additional repercussions or any form of retaliation. In this claim against Walmart, the plaintiff alleges that she was fired by her employer after reporting an experience of sexual harassment while at work. 

In the lawsuit, there are multiple claims that the manager of one location subjected several female employees to various unwanted advances and inappropriate comments. There are also allegations that he asked for sexual favors in exchange for benefits. Despite complaints from victims, Walmart did nothing to stop the inappropriate behavior. 

Stopping illegal behavior 

North Carolina victims of sexual harassment in the workplace do not have to remain silent. They have the right to speak out about what they experienced and file a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. If a settlement is not possible, it is appropriate to pursue legal action against the responsible parties for their illegal actions and allow the development of a hostile work environment.