The effects of discrimination on heart health

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Employees have the right to work in an environment that is free from inappropriate behaviors, unnecessary physical risks and more. Unfortunately, some North Carolina employees are exposed to these things, including discrimination and harassment. When this occurs, it can lead to the development of a hostile work environment, and it can make it difficult for the employee to want to return to work. Over time, workplace discrimination can be detrimental to one’s physical health. 

Health effects on discrimination victims 

Discrimination at work is much more than an inconvenience for a victim. According to the American Heart Association, workers can experience negative effects on their heart health when they are victims of this type of mistreatment. They may be more likely to develop high blood pressure than workers who did not experience any form of on-the-job discrimination. 

High blood pressure can be a serious health threat. It can increase the chance of other major cardiac events and problems, including heart attacks and cardiovascular disease. Discrimination that could cause this may be due to factors that include a worker’s age, religion, gender, disability, pregnancy and more. 

What can victims do? 

After experiencing workplace discrimination, victims do not have to remain silent. It may be in the best interests of the individual who experienced this type of mistreatment to seek the guidance of an experienced attorney who can provide insight regarding his or her legal options. It may be appropriate for a victim of discrimination to seek compensation for his or her negative health effects through a civil claim.