Victims of age discrimination do not have to be silent

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Older workers can face various challenges in their places of employment, but they do not have to be silent about illegal or unfair treatment experienced at work. Age discrimination is one of the most common issues faced by those who are older, and victims are often unsure of how to react. Instead of staying silent about this type of treatment, it is within the rights of a victim to file a claim and seek justice.

A common problem

Age discrimination includes specific types of mistreatment experienced by older workers on the basis of their age. When age plays a factor in decisions made by employers or management on matters related to hiring, firing, promotions and more, it could qualify as age discrimination. The Age Discrimination in Employment Act is a federal law that prohibits this specific type of discrimination and protects the rights of older employers.

Employers cannot demote or fire older employees in order to hire younger individuals. They cannot reduce health care coverage of older employees, and an employer cannot pressure an older worker to retire before he or she is ready. Experiencing these things and other types of discrimination could be grounds to pursue legal action.

Fighting for fair treatment

An employee who experiences age discrimination has the right to speak out. It may be appropriate for that individual to pursue a civil claim in order to seek full accountability from the employer and fight for fair treatment in the future. If a North Carolina employee believes he or she could be a victim of age discrimination, that individual may benefit from seeking the help of an employment law attorney.