Transgender nurse’s aide alleges harassment

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2019 | employment law, Firm News |

A nurse’s aide in another state recently filed a federal lawsuit alleging that she was discriminated against by other staff because she was transgender.

The plaintiff alleges that other aides in her workplace, aggressively bullied her. According to the petition for damages that was filed, in addition to the shaming and bullying, these workmates told her that she needed to pray for forgiveness from her sins or be a hell-bound soul.

It affected the nurse’s aide to the point that she verbally referred to the abusive actions as “torture” and the work enviroment as “hostile . . . and a difficult place to be” where the plaintiff felt unsafe. Plaintiff also alleges that the bullying and abusive behaviors came from managment in addition to the nursing aide’s peers.

The takeaway here that Winston-Salem residents should be aware of is that it is possible to take legal action against one’s harassers on the job.

But proving a case of workplace harassment is a complex and intricate process that must be documented carefully at every juncture in order to be victorious and get a settlement from the company or a judgment from the court.

Your attorney will likely want to depose or at least interview witnesses who can corroborate your allegations of harassment by colleagues, managers, vendors or event clients or customers. The more witnesses who will back your version of the events, the stronger your case will be when you finally get in front of the judge or jury.

It’s easy to become discouraged in these circumstances. but the important thing is to get the support you need to present a viable and winning case.