Don’t believe these workplace sexual harassment myths

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When you acquire employment doing work that you enjoy, chances are you don’t want to “rock the boat” by tattling on your co-workers or supervisors. At the same time, experiencing sexual harassment at work can suck all of the contentment you initially felt out of your job. Without a doubt, these situations can have a lasting effect on your job enjoyment as well as other areas of your life.

You have three options when sexual harassment occurs. You can try to ignore it, you can look for another job or you can work to end the behavior with help from an employment law professional. Many victims choose one of the first two options because they believe certain myths surrounding such behaviors.

Banter with no sexual intent is not harassment

Lewd or suggestive talk is indeed a form of sexual harassment. Searching for a sympathetic and experienced employment law attorney can help you bring these behaviors to a stop.

You can stop sexual harassment if you want to

This may be true in some cases but certainly not all the time. If you firmly state that you want the behaviors to stop, yet your harasser continues his or her abuse, you may need another plan of action.

Some people invite harassment

Regardless of what you wear to work or how you interact with others, you should never feel as though you “asked for it” when it comes to harassment. Both federal and North Carolina lawmakers are on your side in this matter.

Even though it is entirely up to you how you respond to workplace sexual harassment, you should choose not to believe everything you hear about such behaviors. If you need legitimate information to help you make important decisions moving forward, please consider consulting with an employment law attorney for real answers.