Workplace sexual harassment can be subtle enough to cause doubt

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2019 | employment law, Firm News |

Have you ever felt strangely uncomfortable around a supervisor or a co-worker without being able to pinpoint specific harassing behaviors? If you said yes, then you are not alone. Many employees in North Carolina have reported similar feelings, some of which are so disturbing that these workers quit their jobs.

Unfortunately, just about everyone needs a job to survive in today’s world. Quitting over sexual harassment is not always an option, and no one should have to take such measures to avoid unwanted attention in the first place. As employment law attorneys serving Winston-Salem residents, we want you to know that you can find help if you are suffering from workplace sexual harassment. This is so even when the signs are subtle and difficult to identify on a personal level.

The first step is determining if your extreme discomfort does indeed stem from sexual harassment. With this goal in mind, we urge you to review the following list of subtle sexual harassment behaviors.

  • Standing too close to you for comfort
  • Comments or questions about your sex life
  • Unnecessary touching, especially near sensitive areas
  • Frequent staring or leering in your direction
  • Inappropriate yet subtle comments about your appearance
  • Frequent jokes, comments or stories about sex

In some cases, your boss or co-workers may simply lack the social skill necessary to avoid inappropriate behaviors. Other times, you may be a victim of sexual harassment by someone with enough intelligence to mask his or her behavior as something else entirely. However, in both of these scenarios, you do not have to put up with these unwanted behaviors in your job.

Please consider reaching out for help from an employment law attorney if your feelings of workplace discomfort persist or worsen. You can also learn more about resolving your situation by continuing to explore our employment law web pages.