Common reasons North Carolina construction companies get sued

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Owners often hire construction companies to build their houses or office buildings or to renovate existing properties. Many of them take their time to ask for proof of licensing and insurance and to request work references before they hire them. This isn’t always good enough though. Even with customers proceed cautiously, they often encounter problems that result in them having to file a lawsuit against their contractor.

Individuals often end up filing a lawsuit against the construction company that they hire is because they fail to complete the project in a timely fashion or to keep it on budget.

Contractors who have difficulty staying on schedule do so because they find their design plans to be defective. It also happens if they’re changed once construction has begun.

The architect and engineer who draft the blueprints often work independently of the construction company. They may design something that looks good but doesn’t function as intended once it’s built. Contractors may also struggle to gain access to the necessary materials or labor to complete it.

Even if a building or feature can be built just as designed, materials that may be needed to complete it may not be readily available. Qualified labor may not be in ample supply. The weather may be poor. The owner may also interfere. All of these can cause a project to fall behind schedule.

It’s common for an owner to feel comfortable with a design in theory on paper but for them not to like a finished project. A homeowner may file a lawsuit if an air conditioning unit fails to perform as efficiently as they would have liked it to once the home is constructed, for example.

North Carolina construction disputes aren’t always resolved in the courtroom. It’s possible for each party to resolve their differences by communicating with one another about them. If a property owner has taken their time to document time delays or to photograph instances of neglect, then this may motivate a contractor to settle a case.

Even still, many construction companies won’t admit their wrongdoing. They’re often unwilling to do this if it means that they’ll have to redo something, cut into their profits or if it will affect their reputation. If you’re dealing with a negligent Winston-Salem contractor, then you’ll want to have a construction law attorney step in and file suit against them.