An accident can affect your future in multiple ways

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A motor vehicle collision can impact virtually every area of your life. One event can affect your finances, your emotional health and your physical well-being. If you are suffering after a car accident or small plane crash, it is likely that it is more than just physical injuries that are continuing to impact your life. Many accident victims suffer from mental and emotional duress after a traumatic crash, sometimes experiencing something called post-traumatic stress disorder. 

There is no way to predict that you will be in a car accident, and it is difficult to prepare for this type of event. PTSD is often the result of seeing or experiencing a traumatic or unexpected event, such as a serious crash. If you are experiencing negative mental and emotional effects after your crash, you are not alone, and you do not have to suffer in silence. It may be helpful to learn more about PTSD and how you can seek recovery. 

The signs and symptoms of PTSD 

Car accidents affect people in different ways. While it is normal to feel overwhelmed or upset after a crash, PTSD is much more than just experiencing those feelings for a short period of time. It may be important to know the signs of PTSD and how you can put your life back together after experiencing a traumatic event, such as a car accident: 

  • Avoidance — One sign of PTSD is avoidance, which means you may find yourself avoiding activities that remind you of the event, such as driving on the interstate or on a certain road. 
  • Intrusive memories — You may experience memories that cause you to relive the event, have upsetting dreams or experience thought patterns that cause distress or a physical response. 
  • Mood changes — PTSD can cause you to think negatively about people, places and events, and experience mood swings that you are unable to control or predict. 
  • Changes to physical reactions — One sign of PTSD is experiencing changes in how you react, such as frightening easily, having difficulty sleeping, engaging in harmful behavior and more. 

Any of these signs could indicate that you are experiencing PTSD. This is something to take seriously, and professional help is essential. Untreated and severe PTSD can leave one unable to function normally, retain employment and more. This is only one way that a car accident or small plane crash in North Carolina can disrupt and change your life, as well as affect your future plans. You have the right to fight for a full and fair recovery.