What causes most car accidents and small plane crashes?

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North Carolina is a popular tourist location for many reasons. One of its many claims to fame is that Kitty Hawk, located in the Outer Banks, was the site of the Wright Brothers’ first airplane flight. Today, many pilots continue to navigate the airspace over the water and shores of this beautiful state. Unfortunately, where there’s traffic (whether on the ground or in the air), there are also car accidents and small plane crashes.  

Chances are, whether you live in North Carolina or visit here on vacation, at some point, you will travel by automobile or in a small aircraft. It’s a good idea to review statistics and data regarding the issues that most often cause collisions. In both types of travel, by car or by small aircraft, the number one cause of accidents is negligence. 

Many small plane crashes are due to pilot error 

If you’re a passenger in a small aircraft, you’ve entrusted your safety to the pilot. In most cases, a pilot communicates with an Air Traffic Control (ATC) station, even if you’re traveling on a private plane. Issues such as inexperience, insufficient training, fatigue, distraction, intoxication or panic can cause pilot negligence that results in a collision. Similarly, most car accidents are the effect of driver negligence. 

ATC officials can also be negligent in their duties, placing pilots and aircraft passengers at risk for serious, even life-threatening injuries. Because pilots often rely on ATC for information relevant to their flight patterns, landing stations and more, if a controller errs, a plane might crash.  

Mechanical errors, inclement weather and more 

Car accidents and small plane crashes may also occur due to faulty equipment or mechanical failures during travel. Changes in weather can cause dangerous road conditions or flight routes. In such cases, a vehicle operator must try to remain calm and make decisions that sometimes necessitate an unexpected change of plans.  

Many times, multiple factors create a situation that ultimately results in a collision, which may cause severe injuries to those involved. One or more people may be responsible for a crash.  

Recovering from car accidents and small plane crashes 

If you survive a car accident or small plane crash, your recovery depends on several issues, including the severity of your injuries. A catastrophic injury, such as trauma to the brain or spinal cord, may have permanent implications that impede your ability to function on your own throughout the course of an average day.  

Medical bills and other expenses stemming from a collision can cause financial distress. North Carolina law allows recovering victims to seek financial recovery for their losses by filing a personal injury claim in civil court. To obtain a favorable outcome, a plaintiff must prove that the defendant is liable for damages.