Do you have grounds for a personal injury claim?

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The aftermath of a car accident can be daunting, and it is often difficult to know how to pick up the pieces and move forward. This is particularly true if the accident was not your fault, and you do not believe you should have to carry the financial burden on your own.  If your accident was the result of the negligent or reckless actions of another individual, you may have grounds to pursue compensation through the civil justice system. While this cannot reverse what happened, it can help you address your accident-related needs. 

It is not always easy to know if you have a valid claim, and it can be difficult to navigate the claims process on your own. You will benefit from understanding which types of injuries may be compensable, how to file and claim, and what you can do to maximize the compensation that could be available to you. You do not have to walk through the aftermath of a traumatic personal injury incident alone. 

Building your case 

A personal injury claim arises out of an incident in which a person suffers an injury and another party is legally responsible for it. In order to file a claim against this responsible party that will successfully allow you to secure appropriate compensation, you will first need to gather the critical evidence and documentation you will need. Steps you can take to bolster your chance of success include: 

  • Collect as much evidence as possible, including taking photographs, securing medical records and keeping track of your expenses. 
  • Get the contact information for any people who were involved with the accident or who witnessed the accident. 
  • Keep track of everything that happened to you after the accident, including receiving new medical bills, last wages from missed work and more. 
  • Obtain the insurance information from any party connected with the accident or the party you believe is responsible for the accident. 

You may be eligible for compensation for injuries you received in your accident, including coverage of your medical bills and long-term needs. Personal injury claims can arise from different types of incidents, such as car accidents, aviation accidents, dog bites and medical malpractice. As these types of claims are time-sensitive, it is in your interests to act quickly if you believe that you have grounds to pursue a civil clam.