Extreme heat safety tips for construction workers

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2023 | construction law |

Working outdoors comes with many challenges, including working in high temperatures during North Carolina summers. When construction workers are outdoors in hot weather, they’re not only at risk of injury related to an accident but can also suffer from heat-related illnesses. Overheating can lead to many problems so it’s important for those working in construction to be cautious and take care not to overheat. 

Staying safe when it’s hot outside 

Heat stroke is one of the most common heat-related illnesses, but in most cases, it is preventable. Construction workers should be sure to drink adequate fluids throughout the day while working. This may include water or electrolyte drinks. Taking breaks frequently can also help one avoid getting overheated, especially when doing physical labor. 

For those not accustomed to working in a hot outdoor environment, acclimatization may be necessary. Workers and supervisors should know the signs of heat illness, so they are able to spot issues before they become serious. Getting overheated can cause one to lose the ability to perform activities that require fine motor movements, increasing the chances of an accident on the worksite.  

Where to turn for help after a construction accident 

When one is injured on a construction site, whether it’s related to working in extreme conditions, or caused by other factors, the results are often serious. Construction workers can suffer from debilitating injuries that may prevent them from returning to work and may leave them with a financial burden. North Carolina construction workers who have been injured while on the job can speak with an attorney to better understand their legal options in seeking compensation to cover their accident-related costs.