Seeking justice after legal malpractice

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When a person hires an attorney, it is with the expectation that the attorney will provide knowledgeable guidance and assistance. Whether it is legal advice pertaining to the drafting of a will or defending against criminal charges, North Carolina clients depend on their legal counselors for quality representation for some of the most important matters in life. It can be devastating when an attorney does not take this obligation seriously, possibly even committing legal malpractice. 

Determining the obligations of an attorney 

When an attorney does not provide quality representation or do his or her due diligence, it can impact the outcome of the client’s case. This error harms the client, and it can lead to financial loss, additional legal complications and other problems. To have a valid legal malpractice claim, the client must be able to prove that the attorney did not do what he or she was supposed to do.  

A legal malpractice suit is reasonable if there is evidence that the attorney was negligent in the handling of the case, or that the attorney breached a contract. A lawsuit may also be appropriate if the attorney violated the code of professional conduct. This behavior is damaging and inexcusable. 

Fighting for justice 

Victims of legal malpractice do not have to suffer in silence. They may benefit from seeking an assessment of their case by an experienced lawyer who can help them understand how they can hold their previous attorney to account for his or her actions. An assessment of the case can provide one with insight regarding his or her legal options.