Defects impact the quality and safety of a construction project

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Construction projects are complex and costly operations, and those investing funds into building a new project or remodeling an existing structure have the right to expect a high-quality finished project that meets their specifications. However, defects and mistakes at different stages of the construction process can negatively impact the quality, use and safety of the finished project. These should be immediately and effectively addressed by the North Carolina construction company or responsible party. 

 The high price of defects 

Defects in a construction project are more than just an inconvenience for the paying party. They are a violation of the construction contract and represent the potential for significant financial loss. Depending on the nature of the defect, it could be a safety issue, or it could impact the use of the completed project. Common types of construction defects include: 

  • Mechanical problems 
  • Electrical problems 
  • Issues with structural integrity 
  • Problems with moisture protection 
  • Issues with doors, windows or sealing 
  • Defects or problems with finishes 

When there is an issue with a construction project, it is possible the issue originated with a faulty design. Other reasons that defects happen include the use of low-quality materials, mistakes with the work done on the project or issues with the subsurface. 

Addressing these issues 

 Construction defects can lead to complex legal disputes. If the owner of a North Carolina construction project believes he or she is impacted by defects, it could be prudent to seek the counsel of an experienced construction law attorney. This guidance may be useful during litigation or in negotiations to settle the matter out of court.