Is weight discrimination at work a thing?

On Behalf of | May 16, 2023 | employment law |

Regardless of their individual roles within a business, all employees have the right to a workplace that is free from harassment and other types of unacceptable treatment. Discrimination in any form has no place in a professional environment, and those who experience this type of mistreatment do not have to remain silent. Some North Carolina workers, specifically female employees, may suffer from discriminatory treatment due to their physical appearance, such as their weight.

The problem of weight bias

For women, there has always been a heavy emphasis on their weight and other aspects of one’s physical appearance. Some females, particularly those in corporate-level jobs on track for advancement, state that they have experienced career challenges simply because of their weight. Statistics find that women who are heavier earn less than men of the same rank and experience.

Men typically do not face a weight bias in the workplace. An analysis by an economist found that for every 10% increase in body fat, women experience a 6% decrease in income, while men do not have a similar negative experience. Women who face any type of discrimination at work, regardless of the reason, have the right to speak out.

Fighting back against injustice

Victims of workplace discrimination do not have to suffer in silence. North Carolina employees may benefit from speaking with an employment law attorney regarding their legal options. Harassment and discrimination are unacceptable, and it is grounds to pursue compensation through a civil claim. This provides an opportunity to seek justice and make the unfair treatment stop.