Female scientists are common victims of sexual harassment

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When at work, everyone has the right to do his or her job in an environment that is free from harassment and other types of mistreatment. Unfortunately, some North Carolina women do experience mistreatment at work in the form of sexual harassment. Over time, this type of treatment can lead to the development of a hostile work environment, mental duress and an inability to do one’s job well. Studies find that women in science are often victims of this type of treatment.

Struggles for women in science

Women in science can face challenges when they are not treated in the same manner as their male counterparts. Around half of the women in science-related fields worldwide have said that they have experienced sexual harassment at work on at least one occasion. Of these victims, the majority agree that this experience has had an overall negative impact on their careers.

Specific examples of this harassment can include being labeled with an inappropriate name, being asked inappropriate questions about one’s personal life, unwanted touching, remarks of a sexual nature and more. Approximately 65% of the respondents who reported sexual harassment said that their employer did not do enough to address the problem.

The rights of victims

Victims of sexual harassment have rights. Victims, regardless of where they work or the nature of their jobs, may have grounds to pursue recovery through the civil justice system. Any female employee who experienced this unfortunate treatment may benefit from seeking the guidance of an experienced North Carolina employment attorney to consider all available options for legal recourse.