Defects in construction are more than an inconvenience

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Construction projects are costly investments, and issues during the construction process or in a completed project are more than an inconvenience. Construction defects can be costly and complex to repair, and a North Carolina property owner will want to take steps to address matters immediately, especially those that could affect safety. In some cases, litigation or arbitration may be necessary to compel the responsible party to pay for the repairs or fix the problems in a timely manner.

Common types of construction defects

There is a wide range of possible defects that could lead to problems with a construction project. While some are easily fixed or managed, others are more serious, requiring complicated interventions or expensive solutions to resolve. Common construction defects include:

  • Electrical issues
  • Unstable foundation or issues with structural integrity
  • Water intrusion
  • Problems with moisture intrusion or thermal protection
  • Defects in finishes

Construction defects often stem from defective design, the use of poor-quality parts, lack of proper planning, failure to inspect the property and more. The owner of the project may have grounds to pursue legal action against the construction company or other party in order to pursue recovery of their losses and secure necessary repairs.

Fighting for the best possible outcome

When dealing with construction defects, it is in the interests of the North Carolina property owner to pursue the best possible outcome as quickly as possible. Whether it is through litigation, arbitration or negotiations, the owner of the construction property has the right to fight for compensation and other remedies. It may be helpful to work with an attorney experienced in construction law when facing this complex legal matter.