Important questions before the pursuit of business litigation

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Business disputes can be costly for a North Carolina company. Any type of breach of contract, partnership dispute or other complication brings the risk of financial loss and other consequences. It is important to pursue a reasonable resolution to these concerns as quickly as possible. Before moving forward with litigation, however, it is helpful to take all factors into consideration in order to ensure this is the most beneficial course of action.

Is a lawsuit the best option?

While it could the most appropriate way to resolve a dispute, litigation can be costly and complicated. It may be prudent to first pursue an out-of-court resolution. Before choosing to sue, the answers to the following questions can provide insight on the most appropriate way forward:

  • How much can the claimant hope to get from the lawsuit?
  • Is the other party capable of paying damages if ordered to do so?
  • Will the other party likely continue to cause harm?
  • Has the responsible party been correctly identified?

The civil claims process is a lengthy, intricate process, and a business trying to defend its legal and financial interests will benefit from having knowledgeable guidance at every step.

Pursuit of the best outcome

A North Carolina business would be wise to carefully evaluate the situation before determining to move forward with litigation. An experienced attorney can provide insight regarding the most appropriate way to protect the immediate and long-term interests of the business. The ultimate goal of any decision is to avoid future problems and recoup losses.