What qualifies as legal malpractice?

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When someone turns to a North Carolina attorney for assistance with any type of legal concern, it is with the confidence the lawyer will do his or her job and provide qualified counsel. When a lawyer does not do what the client paid him or her to do, it is more than just an inconvenience. It could qualify as legal malpractice, and it could be grounds for the client to pursue legal action.

Disservice to the client

Negligence on the part of an attorney could have a negative impact on the outcome of the client’s case, possibly resulting in lifelong consequences for that individual. Those who were impacted by this type of malpractice do not have to remain silent. Clients may have a valid case against their attorney if they have proof of the following:

  • The attorney breached a contract.
  • The attorney’s behavior was clearly negligent.
  • The attorney acted in a way that violated the American Bar Association’s Rules of Professional Conduct.

The client will need to be able to prove that the client owed him or her a professional duty and should have evidence of a breach of that duty. It will also be necessary to prove that their actions caused the client financial loss.

The next steps

If a North Carolina client believes he or she is a victim of legal malpractice, it is beneficial to speak with a trusted attorney. It is possible the client has grounds to pursue legal action against the previous attorney. The client could be owed compensation and damages for what he or she suffered.