Resolutions to common types of construction disputes

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North Carolina construction projects are complex processes that involve multiple parties and significant amounts of money. Mistakes and setbacks can cost both sides, and it is beneficial to seek a reasonable resolution to all construction disputes as quickly as possible. In some cases, it may be necessary to take legal action in order to recover losses, compel adherence to a contract or secure another type of remedy.

Common construction disputes

Construction disputes can arise for different reasons. Because of the complexity of these matters, it can be difficult to understand who is responsible and how to move forward. Some of most common types of construction disputes include the following:

  • Behavior and performance of contractors or subcontractors
  • Issues over the terms of the contract or adherence to the terms
  • Uncertainty over the project and lack of communication
  • Delays in the timeline and changes in the plan
  • Disagreement over the design and construction plan
  • Quality of the work performed or the materials used

The right resolution to a construction dispute depends on the details of the individual situation. It may be possible to negotiate a reasonable settlement, but there are times when a civil claim is the only way forward.

Construction law experience

It is beneficial to work with a North Carolina legal ally who has specific experience in construction law when navigating these types of disputes. This guidance can prove invaluable as a party seeks a beneficial resolution to any type of construction dispute. An assessment of the individual situation will provide insight regarding the most appropriate and effective way forward for the individual situation.