Non-Physical Effects Of A Serious Injury

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2020 | personal injury |

Suffering a serious injury from a car accident or other trauma will affect your life in many different ways. However, most people only consider the physical effects of these serious injuries and worry about being out of work how a wheelchair will affect their mobility. These aspects of an injury can have a significant impact on your life, but the psychological and emotional impacts of an injury are just as serious as the physical.

What Are The Psychological And Emotional Effects?

One of the great losses of a serious injury is the damage it can cause to your mental health. Many people suffer emotionally and psychologically, just as much as their body suffers physically after an accident. If you are seriously injured you may find different that aspects of your life are affected including:

  • Your personality
  • Your relationships with others
  • Loss of interest in hobbies
  • Differing interactions with family
  • Mental health issues including depression or anxiety

Feeling down and depressed about an injury and how it has changed your life is not uncommon. These feelings can impact your life significantly and they can be hard to quantify.

The Sport Science Institute studied how injuries affect mental health, finding that the emotional toll from a physical injury can be quite severe. Their studies showed injuries can often cause frustration, depression and disengagement.

However, getting the proper compensation for your injury may help, at least a little. A settlement may help you gain the stability you need to be able to adjust to a new normal and focus on more important parts of your life, rather than dwelling on your injury and its negative impacts. It’s important to care for your mental health, as much as your physical health after an accident.

An experienced attorney can help people get the settlement and compensation they deserve. If find yourself suffering after your injury, talking to an attorney can help you regain some control and get a better idea of your situation.