City seeks damages against North Carolina builder

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From the Great Smoky Mountains to the Outer Banks, the Tar Heel State relies on quality construction for its millions of homes and businesses. This can range from good maintenance of older structures dating back as far as the 18th century to the new buildings with modern materials that spring up out of modern blueprints. When contractors and other builders get it wrong, they must be held accountable.

Construction can be a complicated and dangerous undertaking. The tools involved onsite and during fabrication can be deadly if misused, and foundations can extend for yards into earth that holds unknown materials. A Hillsborough contractor is facing some heat after a project in Texas allegedly cost a city thousands of dollars in repair costs.

The incident involves a project for the Texan city of Robinson, which filed a suit in state court against the North Carolina firm. The suit states that the contractor accidentally struck an electrical system providing power to residents and tore out the wiring that enabled it. The contractor allegedly refused to pay for repairs when they were approached with the consequences.

“Defendant not only ‘damaged’ the city’s paramount use, it utterly destroyed it,” according to language in the filing.

The suit is claiming less than $100,000 in damages. Suits like this one in civil court can provide redress to victims of bad dealings or accidents that involved a contractor if liability can be shown or is admitted in court. Out-of-court settlements may save fees and time if all involved parties agree to it.

An attorney may be the best ally when people, firms or governments are wrapped up in construction litigation. A lawyer can represent a party’s interest in court and advise on the best way to conclude matters.