Always watch for signs of nursing home abuse in your loved ones

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Most modern families are busy with jobs, kids and a slew of different activities. When an elderly loved one requires specialized care or near-constant supervision, the logical option for many is to place them into a nursing home. This allows the adults in a family to continue working and taking care of their children.

Most nursing homes in North Carolina take wonderful care of elder patients. However, the risk of nursing home abuse is always something to watch for. Elderly people are especially vulnerable to harm, which means that even a seemingly minor personal injury can be catastrophic for them.

We cannot say why nursing home workers abuse or neglect their patients, but we do know that it happens far too often. You can always rely on a legal professional to help you find justice when elder abuse occurs. However, you must first identify the abuse. With this goal in mind, we urge you to look for the following signs of abuse.

  • Unexplained bruising, bedsores and welts
  • Broken bones, dislocations, sprains or a more serious yet unexplained personal injury
  • Reports that your loved one is not receiving prescribed medication
  • Reports that your elderly family member has experienced an overdose
  • Marks on the arms or wrists that may indicate the physical restraint

Always keep a sharp eye on your elderly family members after you find a care facility. If you do suspect that abuse or neglect has injured your parent or grandparent, reach out for legal help right away. You can learn more about personal injury in nursing home residents by continuing to explore our website.