Defending yourself against a construction defect claim

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2019 | construction law, Firm News |

When you think about the volume of construction defect claims against contractors in America, it is a wonder anyone is willing to enter this industry. Still, many people take on these risks because they like the work, and it gives them enough income to provide for their families. If a defect dispute does arise, North Carolina contractors need help from a legal professional, and they need it as fast as possible.

In our Winston-Salem construction law practice, we have helped many contractors rise above allegations that they engaged in shoddy workmanship or failed to address a defect. At the same time, we have seen others give up on finding a way to defend against defect claims. We want to tell all of the contractors operating in our state that there are ways to overcome these legal hardships.

The first step is letting go of the idea that you are completely alone in your struggle. Seeking construction law assistance is a vital part of your defense. Find a skilled and experienced attorney who is willing to go the distance with you. Other attributes to look for include:

  • Up-to-date knowledge of building codes, zoning ordinances and other regulations
  • A willingness to face the possibility of litigation strategically and professionally
  • The ability to find expert witnesses that carry enough weight to strengthen your defense
  • A willingness to dedicate the time and resources necessary to fight on your behalf

In the end, protecting your company’s reputation is what matters the most. A well-prepared defense can help you achieve all of your legal goals and keep your company on track. Please continue browsing our construction law web pages if you require more details.