Time is critical when construction defects arise

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Many American citizens choose to purchase an existing home, but for many, the big dream is having a home built especially for them. A home from scratch means that you get to choose the options you want in your house. Examples include having a say in its design, choosing the color scheme and picking out the home’s flooring.

Building your own home can make you happy, but such an undertaking may also force you into the realm of civil law if a serious construction flaw should arise. Sometimes construction defects appear right away, but other times, it may take a long time for problems to surface. In all cases, time is critical when you are looking for a way to resolve the situation.

As you may assume, construction law is complex in all states. The law strictly enforces deadlines for pursuing a construction defect claim. Generally speaking, North Carolina’s statute of limitations gives damaged parties up to three years in which to pursue a legal remedy.

What happens if the defect in your home does not surface within this timeframe?

In cases of delayed signs of a defect, the state’s statute of repose may come into play — which gives you up to six years to file a claim. This means that you may still pursue a legal solution for your construction defect even if the three years have passed. For example, say you have lived in your home for four years when water begins to seep into your house. Under the statute of repose law, you can still pursue a claim if the water intrusion occurred because of a defect.

Despite the complex nature of construction law in the state, you can find a legal solution as long as you act quickly. Consulting with an attorney is your first step regardless of how much time has passed.