Tips to avoid litigation over contract disputes

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Business litigation is an area of concern that all business owners in North Carolina share. It is costly, time-consuming and it can destroy the sterling professional reputation you have worked so hard to achieve. While business litigation can occur for many different reasons, a contract dispute is one of the most common.

Like all business owners, you have probably entered into contracts with vendors, other businesses, employees and many other entities. As such, avoiding disputes involving your contracts is probably a major goal.

It is not possible to avoid all business litigation revolving around contract disputes. However, by following a few easy and effective tips, you can help avoid at least some contract disputes that could lead to litigation.

  • Make certain your contracts include clear, easy-to-understand language.
  • Be sure that your business contracts express the expectations and intent of all parties.
  • Have a lawyer who is experienced with business litigation review all of your contracts before any party signs on.
  • Refrain from using cookie-cutter contracts in order to ensure that each document addresses specific situations.
  • Consider asking your attorney to help with contract notarization to improve enforceability.
  • Include clauses that limit the chance of litigation such as hold harmless provisions or mandatory dispute arbitration provisions.

Most companies that have avoided contract-related business litigation did so because they tried to anticipate and address potential legal issues. Business attorneys fill a valuable role in providing professional guidance in these and other matters. We invite you to continue browsing our blog and our website for more information on how we help Winston-Salem business owners.