How hard is it to prove a wrongful death lawsuit?

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When the negligent actions of another party rob you of someone you love, you may wish to learn more about wrongful death lawsuits. Even if you have no plans to file such a suit, knowing a few details about the process can help if change your mind.

A part of the personal injury field of law, victims of wrongful death choose to pursue legal action for many reasons, including:

  • Substantial financial hardships from losing the family’s main wage earner
  • Debilitating emotional damage over the loss of companionship
  • Wanting to protect other members of the Winston-Salem community from negligence
  • Seeking to honor the deceased by holding all responsible parties to account in a legal setting

As with other personal injury claims, you and your attorney must prove that your loved one’s death occurred wrongfully. While this sounds difficult to most grieving victims, in some cases, it may be relatively easy. Below is a short list of the elements you must prove in a North Carolina wrongful death suit.

  • A death occurred
  • Someone’s negligence caused this death
  • You are suffering from financial hardships because of the death
  • A personal representative is in charge of your loved one’s estate

Although some personal injury and wrongful death claims are complex, it is possible to find success in your efforts. The compensation you acquire upon winning your lawsuit will help you continue providing for your family. It will also replace the out-of-pocket costs of your family member’s funeral.

If you need additional information about wrongful death or personal injury claims, consider reaching out to a law firm with a good record of success.