Seek legal help if a subcontractor compromises your own company

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2019 | construction law, Firm News |

Construction law in North Carolina is quite complex. This is because the law seeks to serve and protect all parties from the property owner to the general contractor to the subcontractor. These widespread protections are critical in addressing disputes over construction defects and other matters. However, they make the law difficult for the involved parties to understand on a comprehensive level.

For example, let’s look at the general contractor’s side of the issue in a construction law dispute. In many cases, he or she is stuck in the middle of the property owner and the subcontractor when a defect occurs. The owner of the property wants to pursue a legal remedy and rightfully so. Because the owner hired the general contractor, it is this contractor who will likely become the target of legal action, even if the defect occurred due to the subcontractor’s negligence.

We want general contractors to understand how important it is to seek legal guidance in such a scenario. When you are not at fault, you should not take the blame without doing all you can to protect yourself and the contracting business you worked hard to build. This is where those protections we mentioned earlier can come into play.

By taking your case and your evidence to an attorney familiar with the state’s construction law, you can protect your reputation. Taking immediate action to call out a negligent subcontractor can also protect your business finances.

We know how confusing these legal issues are to those who are just trying to exchange honest work for honest pay. You can learn more by speaking to your lawyer. You may also continue browsing our website for additional insight into construction law.