Workplace harassment: A guide for North Carolina employees

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Every employee deserves to feel respected and safe at work. However, for victims of harassment, the workplace becomes a source of stress, fear and humiliation.

Whether you are dealing with a problematic coworker, a demanding boss or a company culture that tolerates misconduct, understanding your options is crucial. Read on to learn how you can stand up against workplace harassment and reclaim your right to a safe and respectful work environment.

What employees need to know

Unlawful workplace harassment can lead to tangible job-related actions that directly affect employees. These actions can impact decisions about hiring, promotions, demotions and job assignments. They may also affect an employee’s access to benefits and pay.

Additionally, harassment creates a harmful work environment where the harasser’s actions directly interfere with the victim’s ability to do their job correctly. Signs of a toxic workplace may include unwanted contact or sexual advances.

Offensive jokes or stories also create an unsafe and unwelcoming workplace. Some victims may even face abusive behavior, including physical threats.

In North Carolina, business owners have a responsibility to hear out workplace harassment complaints from their staff. They should be ready to talk with the right human resources reps and are expected to follow federal and state employment laws.

Companies must also create and enforce a strict “No Tolerance” policy for workplace harassment. This policy applies to everyone connected to the company, including contractors, vendors and even members of the public.

Know your rights as an employee

Workplace harassment leaves lasting scars, but victims have powerful tools to fight back. In North Carolina, state laws protect workers from unfair treatment and provide clear paths to justice for those considering legal action.