How much money can you get for an injury in North Carolina?

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Getting hurt with little forewarning can lead to a host of different complications. Car crashes, dangerous property conditions and criminal activity can leave people struggling with unexpected medical challenges.

Injured people may have major medical expenses. They may struggle to continue working. In more extreme cases, they may need to modify their homes or vehicles to accommodate their injuries. Those who readily recognize that someone else is to blame for their injuries may hope to seek compensation.

People hurt by someone else can hold the other party accountable under North Carolina laws. How much can someone with a viable personal injury claim expect to receive from the person or business to blame for their injuries?

Up to the applicable policy limits

The first form of protection against financial losses after a significant personal injury is insurance coverage. Most people and businesses carry liability coverage in varying forms. For example, motorists carry car insurance, while businesses may have product liability insurance or premises liability coverage. People can negotiate claims with insurance providers to cover their losses. However, the most they can receive from insurance is the policy limit set by the policyholder. That amount may not be nearly enough to fully cover someone’s losses.

Up to the full amount of someone’s losses

If someone hurt by another person has to take the matter to civil court due to a lack of adequate insurance, they may be eligible for more compensation than those who rely only on insurance. North Carolina does not cap either economic or non-economic damages in a personal injury lawsuit scenario. The full value of the injury, including lost wages, medical expenses and lost functional abilities, can contribute to what a plaintiff recovers in a successful lawsuit. The courts can even compensate someone for a lifetime of reduced earning potential.

Whether someone needs to negotiate with insurance providers or present their case in civil court, it can be difficult to handle that process alone. Having the right assistance during a personal injury lawsuit or insurance claim increases the chances of someone obtaining the maximum amount of compensation given their losses. Those who are familiar with insurance rules and personal injury statutes may have an easier time securing maximum compensation after getting hurt due to the conduct of others.