What defects could impact a construction project?

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Developing land, building a structure or investing in any other type of construction project is costly and time-consuming. There can be significant expenses and complications associated with these projects, and any issues along the way can lead to additional costs and a longer timeline for completion. Defects are some of the most common problems with North Carolina construction projects, and it often requires legal action to resolve the problem.

Possible problems seen in construction

Construction defects can include problems at any stage of the project, from the initial planning of the project to the completed product. Sometimes, construction defects are not evident until after completion and use by the owner. Common types of construction defects include:

  • Material deficiencies, such as the use of poor-quality materials
  • Design deficiencies, which is a poorly designed and planned project
  • Problems with maintenance, which may indicate other construction defects
  • Poor-quality work and construction, which can impact use and safety

Construction defects are expensive and time-consuming to resolve. After the discovery of a problem with a construction project, the owner will benefit from learning how to resolve and address the matter as efficiently as possible.

Navigating construction law concerns

To effectively deal with a construction defect, it is helpful to have the guidance of an experienced North Carolina construction law attorney. This guidance will allow one to seek the best possible outcome to the issue. Possible remedies for construction defects may include repair of the issue, coverage of losses, compensation for other damages and more.