Treatment of burns after a serious motor vehicle accident

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A car accident has the potential to leave a North Carolina victim with serious injuries that could impact the rest of his or her life. When a motor vehicle accident leaves someone with serious burns, it can require immediate medical intervention to prevent additional damage and control pain, as well as long-term care to treat the burns. This type of car accident injury is devastating, and the victim could experience permanent and debilitating effects. 

Caring for a victim with burns 

The treatment of burns can be complicated, and it often requires specific types of medical care to appropriately care for these vulnerable patients. The best course of action for treatment depends on the nature of the burns and other factors. Treatment options include: 

  • Water-based treatment 
  • Burn creams and ointments 
  • Fluids to fight dehydration 
  • Pain medications 
  • Certain drugs to fight infections 

Those with severe burns will likely require hospitalization. Ongoing treatment of third-degree burns can be incredibly intensive and painful, and it is likely that the patient will experience scarring. The impact of severe burns after a car accident can be physical, but it can also be mental and emotional as well. 

Fighting for justice 

If a victim is suffering from burns after a serious car accident, he or she has the right to fight for justice and compensation. Recovery after suffering from burns can be lengthy, and it will be beneficial for one to have experienced guidance at every step. Through a civil claim, it is possible to hold responsible parties accountable for one’s pain and suffering after a serious car accident.