The most common construction defects

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A construction project is a significant investment of time and money. The parties that are funding these types of projects have the right to expect that the final product will be high-quality and according to the terms of the original agreement. Construction defects can impact the overall integrity and safety of a construction project, and the parties that were wronged have the right to seek compensation for their financial losses and other types of damages they experienced.

What can go wrong with a construction project?

A defect can happen in virtually every stage of a North Carolina construction project. Defects are more than inconveniences as they can affect everything from the appearance of the final project to how it can be safely used. The most common construction defects and problems include:

  • Water intrusion leading to mold
  • Mechanical problems
  • Electrical problems
  • Issues with doors, windows and seals
  • Electrical issues
  • Issues with structural integrity

Construction defects can happen for a variety of reasons, including problems with the original architectural design, improper construction or the use of faulty materials. Any of these details can result in serious difficulties and financial loss.

Appropriate remedies for construction defects

Construction defects are major issues for investors and other parties, representing the potential for extra costs, additional stress and longer timelines. Those harmed by the presence of a defect in a construction project may have grounds to pursue recourse through the North Carolina civil justice system. It might be helpful to seek the input of an experienced construction law attorney to understand the specific legal options available.