Suffering from a TBI after a motor vehicle accident?

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The impact of a car crash has the potential to leave someone with severe injuries that may impact the victim long-term. One of the most common and potentially most serious types of motor vehicle accident injuries is a traumatic brain injury. A TBI can be relatively minor, or it can be severe enough to affect one’s cognition, memory, basic daily function and other aspects of everyday life.  

Possible symptoms of a TBI 

Each TBI is different, and the ways that each one will affect a North Carolina victim depends on different factors, including the location of the injury and the force of the impact. Some of the most common side effects seen after a TBI include: 

  • Cognitive problems, including confusion, memory loss and decreased awareness 
  • Motor problems, including coordination, balance and basic motor skills 
  • Social problems, including trouble following a conversation or lack of social skills 

In some cases, the effects of a blow to the head are immediately apparent. With other injuries, it may be days or weeks before the full impact of a TBI is fully evident. Someone who experienced a blow to the head in an accident will benefit from carefully monitoring his or her health for weeks after the incident. 

Who is to blame? 

Determining fault after a motor vehicle accident can be complicated. It is not always easy to determine who is to blame for what happened, but a North Carolina victim may benefit from seeking a complete assessment of his or her case. This step may provide insight regarding the possible legal options available, which may include a civil claim against the party responsible for the TBI.